Lordz.io Description

Lordz.io is a very popular Moomoo.io style game. In which, do not forget to assemble the largest army if you’d like to conquer the whole realm. Play against tons of enemies throughout the real world and get ready to show up your abilities to eliminate all. You should collect gold scattered across the map to unlock and buy minions or build. Indeed, you can add units such as archers or dragons and more. Not only that, you are able to put down a house, a castle, and turrets. Good luck!

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How to play:

Use the mouse to move, Space to split, E to build a house, R to set up a tower, T to summon soldiers, Y to add knights, U to deploy archers, I to call for barbarians, O to release dragons.

About Lordz.io

About Lordz.io Game

Lordz.io is a great free-to-play multiplayer strategy game based on the addictive Moomoo.io style and developed by Spinbot Studio from Paris, who made Squadd.io. In November 2017, it was officially released for the desktop browser.

Play Lordz.io you will have the chance to become the most powerful ruler and take part in a lot of intense battles against multiple enemies throughout the world. In which, you are able to prove yourself by defeating all of the opponents and dominating the top spot. In order to be the leader of the ranking and control the whole realm, you should start off by collecting resources. They are valuable coins which are scattered across the map. It is not easy to gather them because they can be stolen by your rivals. With the object that you have picked up, you can make units and buildings available. Choose whatever you love and you can own a big army with minions around you. There are many different forces such as dragons, barbarians, knights, archers, and soldiers. In some necessary cases, you can split your team without difficulty.

While you are roaming around the battlefield, you are recommended to keep watch over everybody in the surroundings or they can attack you from behind. Not only that, you are advised to prevent your adversaries from demolishing your castle and other structures. However, you can block them by setting up turrets. In Lordz.io, you are allowed to join the Sandbox mode where you will receive an amazing advantage. In other words, you can select everything you want whenever because you are provided with tons of gold. Do not ignore gaining gems to purchase skins and chests in the shop! There are lots of outfits and equipment for heroes and secret wooden, silver or golden crates. These boxes contain plenty of interesting cards.


  • It is possible to lead a massive troop easily.
  • The Lordz.io game has a simplistic gameplay that you can quickly seek precious materials and call for your warriors.
  • Remember to hit others while protecting your construction!
  • You can enjoy the fullscreen mode.

How to play

  • Move around the playfield by using the mouse
  • Press E to construct houses, R for towers
  • Left click to opt for items in the inventory located at the bottom of the screen or hit T to summon soldiers, Y for knights, U for archers, I for barbarians, O to dragons.
  • Tap Spacebar to divide your group


  • Traveling through the battleground in Lordz.io game to approach coins is a good way to save the money and set down the shelter. These will generate food whilst forts will push back other competitors or eliminate them.
  • It is essential to add faithful people wisely so you can get an edge over your archenemy.

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